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Written by Girlboxing

Erotic princess boxing

Peach and Daisy had been lovers for quite a while ever since they started teaming up in the sports they played. They loved when they boxed each other at the Olympics so much that after the match they rushed to their room to quench the sexual desires they had.

One night while cuddling in bed together Peach and Daisy were watching boxing on tv they both were a little turned on but Peach was really getting turned on because for a while now she had been dreaming of asking Daisy to have a erotic strip boxing match with her she had dreamed that they would fight in their private gym in boxing shorts with panties underneath and topless where the winner had their way with the loser.

Peach had been trying to figure out how to ask Daisy for a while she felt Daisy would agree but wasn't sure if Daisy would be up for it right away.

But this night was different

Peach: hey babe?
Daisy: yeah sweetie?
Peach: know how.. we like to box each other...?
Daisy: yeah?.. *thoughts forming in her head about the night following the matches making her a little wetter*
Peach: do you wanna have a special rules match in our gym?
Daisy: what kind of rules?
Peach: well.. for one a sexual fight..
Daisy: go on...
Peach: ok... well.. for a while now I've wanted to have a erotic strip boxing match with you..
Daisy: *eyes light up with arousal* ooh Peach this sounds hot... what will we wear?
Peach: *a feeling of relief fills her body knowing Daisy is on board with this*  well i was thinking we'd be  topless with panties and boxing shorts first to be knocked out while nude is the loser and the winner gets pleasured at the end
Daisy: *letting out a barely audible moan* Peach you're making me hot... you know what would be even better?
Peach: what's that?
Daisy: after each knockdown and strip the loser makes out and services the winner and how about we allow some dirty fighting too
Peach: what kind of dirty fighting? *feeling aroused by the thoughts running through her head*
Daisy: some low blows and tit punching and maybe some making out during the fight too
Peach: *feeling super delighted and admittedly super horny she agrees*
Daisy: its still early in the morning how about we go train a bit before we fight
Peach: you wanna do it tonight?! *a little surprised*
Daisy: yes I'm super horny just thinking about it i don't think i could last another say
Peach: alright lets go train!

They both lean in for a long passionate kiss then hop out of bed and rush to get their gear and head down to their gym

After gathering everything they need they both walk down to their gym and walk over to their seats and help each other wrap their hands then they both take their tops off exposing their beautiful breasts then strip out of their sweatpants Peach teasing Daisy with a sexy pose kinda sticking her ass out towards her with a little giggle and Daisy with a sly grin on her face they both put on their boxing shorts pink for Peach and orange for Daisy  then they both walk up to their punching bags and start training throwing jabs crosses hooks and some nice combos

After a while sweat starts forming all over their heaving body's breath all over the place they both take a break and cool down then eat a nice healthy snack

Daisy: i can't wait to fight tonight
Peach: me either... you look so hot right now..
Daisy: so do you
Peach leans over and kisses Daisy's breasts then sits back "mmm they taste so good already "
Daisy closes her eyes and opens her mouth in delight then smirks after peach sits back she then runs a finger down Peach's thigh "how about we fight now?"
Peach: you read my mind!

They both get up and head towards their ring both corners marked with their favorite color and the neutral corners white

They both get in on their respective side watching each other and trying to be sexual while doing it

Peach: so no rounds no time limit just go till we drop and strip till nude right?
Daisy: sounds perfect!

After that they both sit on their corner stool and put on their color coordinated gloves both with a flower from their respective homelands on the front of the glove

After some time they get up and walk to the middle touching tits and almost touching noses

Daisy: you ready to lose? *she says with a devilish grin*
Peach: i can't wait to make you service me

With those words they staredown then kiss one last time before they make it hard to do they walk back to their corners tossing their stools out of the ring then facing each other for a minute before a automatic bell sounds

At sound of the bell both girls walk towards the middle both with a solid defensive stand and guard up circling each other waiting for the other to strike and after a little while Peach breaks the silence with a jab at Daisy's guard  Daisy quickly returns a jab while Peach is unprotected  which catches Peach's left breast  then daisy dips low for a blow right at her belt just above the womanhood of Peach Peach returns the favor with a jab at Daisy's face catching her right in the nose which causes Daisy to raise her guard and allows Peach to drive a upper cut into Daisy's navel causing air to escape her lips and a "oomph" to leave her mouth Peach forces Daisy into a corner and starts jabbing at Daisy's defenses echoes of leather hitting skin sound from Peach hitting Daisy hard till Peach stops and starts rubbing the thumb of her glove into Daisy's pussy
Causing Daisy to moan out loud and lower her guard enough that Peach starts making out with her Peach *in between kisses* "this is so hot"
Daisy*in between moaning and kissing* "oh my god yes Peach!" Daisy's wetness clearly visible through her shorts Peach pulls back the releases a hard and fast hook to Daisy's face causing blood to fly and her body to crumble to the ground Peach watches her lover and foe hit the ground quickly shoves the thumb of her glove into her self moaning loud then stopping and putting her foot on her lovers ass Peach "time to strip and service baby" Peach bends down and strips her into her panties with her homelands native flower as a big flower on the front of her panties then helps her to her feet Peach "service me!" With that Daisy started kissing Peach's ripe titties and working the thumb of her glove into her pussy

Daisy"Smmack... Smmmmack"
Peach"ooohhh mmmm  yes more mmm"

Peach couldn't get enough of this but she knew she had more rounds to go so she pushed Daisy away the smacked her gloves together

Peach"lets continue this fight!"

Daisy with a few moments to spare wiped her bleeding lip and put her weak guard up

Peach started to taunt her weakened opponent by lowering her guard and motioning to hit her the jumping out of the way of the slow punches but by now Daisy
Had recovered some stamina and was playing dumb till Peach did it again then "WALLOP" Daisy released a hard uppercut that stunned Peach causing her to fall into her corner guard completely down Daisy started unloading into her chest and belly leaving red marks on Peach's breasts and some blood to be spit from her mouth Daisy then shoved Peach's face into her breasts smothering her in them and laughing while she did it

Daisy "my boobies wanted to say hi" *giggling*

After a while of Peach trying to get out of the smother Daisy let her go then kissed her glove and layed into a hard pussy punch causing Peach's eyes to go huge and grab at her throbbing pussy and fall face first

Daisy *laughing at her lovers reaction to the low blow* "oh you knew that was coming soon.. time to "strip and service" as you say"

Rolling over Peach revealed a pool of blood from Peach's lip on the opposite side of her lip from Daisy's and her left breast was swollen from the brute punches Daisy stripped her to her matching panties with a giant flower right on the front

Daisy "I'm gonna use you're bloody face to fuck me"

She lowers her crotch right on her face and begins to thrust and moan a few seconds later grabbing Peach's hair and forcing her nose in her pussy after drenching her panties from her wet pussy and Peach's tongue fucking  Daisy gets up helping her lover up and returning to the frey now both exhausted they lusted to fight hard and fuck each other's brain out

They both put up a weak guard circling each other till Daisy decided to clinch with Peach rubbing their firm breasts together the thought of them mixing their sweat and blood together got both them roaring inside moaning but not forgetting to fight by throwing some gut punches and trading some naughty low blows they kissed then both had the same idea to drive a hard punch in the gut separating each other and gasping for air Daisy managed to get a little more air in her lungs before Peach she them drove her towards the ropes where she jab hooked and crossed Peach's whole body leaving new bruises and cuts everywhere they was blood coming from both breasts and now Peach's left eye was swollen and bleeding the feeling of being beaten to a pulp like she just was caused a minor orgasm from Peach which resulted in her panties being creamed and some juices dripping on the ring floor Daisy felt up Peach's pussy thinking "HOLY FUCK THAT'S HOT" she then put Peach on the mat with one good upper cut Peach was on her front which made Daisy decide to crouch down and hump Peach's ass prompting a few moans from Peach before Daisy stripped her then turning her over revealing her blonde and well trimmed yard she then sat Peach up in her corner and forced her nipples in Peach's bloody mouth Peach started sucking and Daisy started moaning after a minor orgasm from Daisy there was even more juices on the mat she decided to force peach to lick them up and masturbated to it

After that Daisy helped her up and was feeling tired from everything she thought she would finish it off this round but Peach had a second wind coming Peach's guard wasn't as weak as it was and was better then Daisy's she scored a lot of free hits all over her body and a lot of low blows to make up for the super hard low blow from Daisy earlier Daisy was now like a mirror of Peach bruised everywhere  bleeding from the breasts and eye she then forced Daisy into a corner again and let loose a combo that made Daisy orgasm again then  fall into a slump more juices flowing on the mat now as Daisy's punishment this time Peach forced her to eat her pussy and orgasmed in her mouth she then stripped her nude then helped her up

They both knew it was the final round winner take all sorta thing  they both started throwing soft jabs mixed with some crosses till they both threw one hard right to jaw punch that knocked them both out and caused them both to squirt at the same time

They came to later realising they both lost.

But that didn't stop them from tribbing all night.


(Please let me know what you thought this was my first ever story so i probably screwed up some grammatical stuff and i did lose my energy at the end plus i was tired at the time of finishing this its 4:08AM and i started just after 2 so yeah lol)


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